A Node-Red Introduction for Hubitat Owners

This Introduction is for Hubitat owners that are interested in Node-Red and how it can augment Built-In Apps to Automate your home.

You may have automation Rules in one or more Apps:
  • Rule Machine,
  • Simple Automation,
  • Motion Lighting, etc.
Node-Red can offer similar Rules but are created and maintained visually.

This Introduction expects you to be familiar with Node-Red conceptually, that it creates Flows which are equivalant to Rules, for example.

The Node-Red workspace shown in this Introduction is based on the Image created at Raspbian-Homebridge-Node-Red which includes Hubitat Nodes.

Briefly, concepts covered assume you know:

  • messages (abbreviated msg) are passed from node to node.
  • the inject node is a simple way to initiate a message on demand.
  • the debug node catches the output message from the final node.